NET EAGLES: Web Site Design & Hosting Services


Responsive design is the hottest new trend to hit the web design world and Net Eagles can put your site on all devices with just one site.


Net Eagles can offer integrated systems to allow you to manage content within your site without making you be a programmer.


Net Eagles offers full service web hosting on our dedicated web servers.


Net Eagles web design helps your business image in the Internet marketplace. The blend of technology and style assists your business design to succeed on the web.

Content Management System

Net Eagles can build you a web site design or sections of a web site that you can update yourself, any time you wish. To update you simply log in with your secure password and then select the page or section that you wish to edit from our CMS menu. You will then have a frame within your browser that will allow you to edit your page just like you are typing on a word processor. Plus you can change fonts, colors, make tables, add links to other pages or sites and much more.

Web Hosting Solutions

Net Eagles offers hosting as part of our group of services. We have our own dedicated servers and only our web clients are able to receive hosting through our servers. Our servers are managed by professional hosting company and are located in the Chicago Data Center that we detail below.

Net Eagles will provide hosting with emails, database, storage, bandwidth and server email capabilities. Net Eagles will support the hosting so for any issues with the site or hosting, support is just one phone call and we will take care of the issues. Hosting account comes with access to MS SQL 2008 back end database. All hosting packages also have a statistics package that will allow client to track usage of the site.

The major differences between using a shared environment account and using our dedicated server is security and backup and support. Our server is housed in a secure professional hosting facility in Dallas Texas that has 24 / 7 / 365 staffing available for any issues that come up. Depending on the company, many shared environments have quite lengthy support times in my past experience. Our dedicated server is IP secured for FTP and data access from outside computers, whereas shared environments have open FTP and data connections due to the number of users per server. Most shared environments can have several thousand accounts per server. Most shared environments do not have backup of the server, our server has a Raid 10 system with multiple hard drives to protect if a hard drive fails, the server can continue functioning and the hard drive can just be swapped out. All files and data are backed up daily and we maintain a minimum of 7 store points (seven days).