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Net Eagles provides custom software programming service with special emphasis on business applications. Custom Software can be an invaluable resource to save you time and money. Custom software can assist a business to become more efficient and productive by managing the data system and improving interactive capabilities for the end user of the software.

Applications range from single user based, network data management, to internet information transactions. For a business to survive in today's market, their software must be able to provide them with the information about their business rapidly and assist them to interpret trends and changes within their business.

Examples of custom software applications for business are:
Bid Generation and distribution
Inventory Management Systems
Manufacturing Operations Management
Scheduling of personnel or operations
Data retrieval from data sources for report generation
Utilization of internet for data sharing, scheduling, etc.
E-Mail generation of information to customer lists
Data Management
Computer Aided Dispatching

Opportunities for different styles and types of custom software are as unlimited as the imagination and capabilities of the designer and programmer. One of the key factors in developing a great custom software package is for the programmer to understand the needs of the end user of the software. Net Eagles takes the time to plan the custom application at the start of the project, making sure that the customer and programmer have a clear understanding of the expectations of the end product. Time spent in understanding the product at the start of the project reduces the development time of remakes to accomplish the necessary goals.

To receive a bid or additional information about a custom software package, press Contact Us or if you have any questions please go to Net Eagles Feedback or email us at Net Eagles.

Net Eagles has extensive experience in the evaluation of business software usage and recommend solutions to problems. Many companies do not have personnel on staff that can successfully determine how to integrate software solutions into their business effectively. Data must be accessible by not only internal utilization but by staff away from the office or by clients and vendors. Successfully controlling the flow and access of data is critical to the success of the business.

Your business is unique, and it may not fit neatly into the off-the-shelf software packages out there. Our experience with a range of industries and development tools gives you the resources you need to build a custom solution that fits your business. And when you want to move your company to the Internet, we'll build the back-end database solution that'll give your online customers the quality Web experience they expect.

Benefits of Custom Software

Differentiate your core business by tailoring a solution that gives you a competitive advantage.
Achieve an exact fit to your business requirements, in the same time it would take to customize an off-the-shelf package.
The cost to develop a custom solution is often less expensive than purchasing and customizing a specialized off-the-shelf product with expensive specialist resources.
The licensing costs of specialized off-the-shelf packages can sometimes be more than the support and maintenance costs of a custom solution. Provide the ability for you to respond to changing business needs much faster than with an off-the-shelf package.