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Responsive Web Design

There is little doubt that the explosive use of smartphones and tablets will continue to increase and website owners must be ready to improve the user experience on all devices.  Responsive Web Design is a solution that can make this a reality without creating multiple site or apps. 

A responsive web design is recommended for the following reasons.

     *  Only have to maintain one site with one source saving time and money but still have the advantage of being optimized for all screen sizes.

    *  Maintains the page authority since there will only be one page with that information, it is viewed as more authoritative by the search engines.

    *  No need for redirection of users on mobile which search engines frown upon and avoids the additional load time for the redirection.

    *  Responsive web design is the recommended configuration of Google, the most popular search engine.

Net Eagles can work with you to get your web site up to date with responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

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